Feel to Heal

I’m mad and I’m a Black man.

Or does it sound best to say I’m a mad Black man?

You can see my face does not show satisfaction,

You can see I don’t want you to give any interaction,

I don’t want you to see my reaction,

I feel out of control to certain inside dissatisfaction.

Why don’t I just relax and let it pass?

How do I surpass the obvious harass?

Of thoughts that keep me in the pass?

Is this how I will process my nonsense?

Yelling, stumping, and throwing irrational concepts.

I want to become vulnerable with my thoughts,

this is a new cost.

Be okay with the feelings that arise in my body,

To improve the how I process being snotty.

I’m a Black man that needs to help myself,

Manage the rage that I grew inside myself.

Being more open with the hard emotions,

Is the key to the chaotic motions.

Looking inside and challenging the different sides.

Why do you feel this way?

Is this helping you sway away and survey?

Vulnerability is not a word of strength to a Black man,

It causes me to feel contraction to the positive action.

Breathe in, breathe out is one skill that I seek out.

Going for a hike can give sprout

To feeling devout, an action of reroute.

So, how can I manage my slouch?

Question your negative thoughts each time,

Meantime, you need to be aware of the mind.

To get better you must acknowledge the emotions,

This helps with the explosions.

Feeling and acknowledging the hurt,

Is the way to convert, the alert to reassert.

So, each time I don’t want to feel,

I must remember to yield.

Healing for a Black man is about,

Feel, feel, feel.


-Charles Collins

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