About Us

Charles and I are partners in life with a blended bi-racial family making our way through complex trauma and anxiety both as individuals and as a couple. We have struggled many times on our journey and wish to share the good, bad, and ugly of the realness of our struggles and successes on our continued journey to healing. We have survived hard things and will continue to do so with intentional healing and movement forward.

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We are passionate about helping others learn to live in calmer, more comfortable, and relaxed muscle bodies. We will help you to attain more and more moments of peace and contentment with less intrusion from the binds of painful past learning from traumatic experiences.

I am a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, LICSW and am an EMDR trained trauma clinician. I hold certifications as a Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist for both Individuals and for Prenatal Trauma (CCTS-I, CCTS-P). I am also certified as an Advanced Grief Counseling Specialist, CAGCS. I am a Perinatal Specialist in the process of working on Perinatal Mental Health Certification through Postpartum Support International.

Charles is a Certified Trauma & Resilience Life Coach through the Arizona Trauma Institute. He has coached people towards health and wellness for close to 2 decades, and now officially added the trauma informed lens to his work as it aligns with his own journey of healing.

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Our Mission

"At Intentional Healing Counseling & Coaching, it is our mission to offer a safe non-judgmental environment where all people are welcome. We strive to create an atmosphere where you feel seen, heard, respected, and valued as a human being. We will walk beside you as you heal with intention."

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Here For You

How We Can Help

At intentional healing COUNSELING & COACHING, we offer a unique approach to our work with couples. As a couple, you will be working with both Charles as a life coach, and myself, as a therapist, in your journey to healing as a couple in whatever form that takes.

Would you heal best in your own space? If so, we can come to you. Do you prefer a video platform from the comfort of your space? Would you prefer to heal in our space with the assistance of canine therapy in our home office? Or does meeting outdoors in nature for a walk and chat or sitting and absorbing all that’s surrounding us while intentionally healing sound like a good fit?

We can utilize the healing atmosphere of nature to provide Men’s Eco & Wilderness Coaching as well as walk and talk eco therapy. With this natural backdrop, one can work to build resiliency skills and gain confidence.

Call for a free 15 minute consult and we can work together to determine the best fit.

We hope to provide options so you can decide what fits best for your lifestyle and needs as you heal! We will walk beside you as you walk toward to hard work of healing. We look forward to meeting you!

Our Providers

Megan Shane


Trauma therapist

Charles Collins

Trauma and Resiliency Life Coach