Calm Body written by Charles Collins

What is a calm body to a Blackman,

Is it being unaware that is my everyday,

Is it not knowing when the next explosion of emotions

Makes an appearance to show my unhealed pain,

Is there a warning siren that can let me gain-

Awareness, to what is this trembling inside my chest,

To which I can’t contest,

I needed something that wasn’t addressed,

A child in distress needs to be caressed.

First born child to southern migrated black folks from Chicago

Doing their best to raise a son in, The Go.

I learned through developing an observant mind

While my life learned young to serpentine.

Teach a Blackman to be aware of the seriousness,

To life experience this-being Observant can help become.

Transforming to make different gains,

Leading me working through,

Pain-ful of unprocessed traumas.

Walking towards the uncomfortable dilemmas,

Going forward I can get complacent,

Knowing that I can get impatient

Just keep practicing your body calming skills,

to create awareness they always will.

Lead yourself with kindness and compassion,

is the new fashion,

to help unfasten the attraction to work on you passion.

To help guide others to gain traction

– By Charles Collins

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