The more grounded I am, the better I feel

The More Grounded I Am, The Better I Feel:  Grounding Into Feet

The more grounded I am, the better I feel. I can think more clearly and I can connect with myself and I can connect with those around me with more depth and with more presence.

And mindfulness is the key.

Mindfulness is the only way I can figure out the whole of my experience–of where I am, of what I need– and this happens by coming to the present moment. This takes intention and it takes lots of repetition.

So I’m going to teach you a tool of how to ground into your feet and this is a tool to just access the information of what is your present moment experience. It’s a way that you can connect.

So I simply want you to feel that connection between your feet and the floor.

Can you feel your toes, one by one?

Push down into the floor and feel the resistance that that gives and notice the details of that resistance. What sensations are present?

What do you feel in your feet now?

Maybe you feel more connection into your calves.

Notice your experience. Notice your foot (or your feet) together in relation to space.

Feel the relationship between receiving and being received.

Feel the support of holding that is provided by gravity and notice this connection.

And now, check back in with yourself.

Notice what’s different than it was a couple of minutes ago.

Maybe your heart rate has slowed a little.

Maybe you’re breathing a little deeper.

Maybe your thoughts have slowed.

Maybe the intensity of the emotion you were feeling is a little less charged than it was.

Maybe the tension in your shoulders has lessened a little bit.

Maybe you’re a little more connected to yourself in a different way.

Maybe you’re a little more balanced.

Taking a few minutes to care for yourself in this way can be life changing. It’s a practice of self kindness. It’s intentional healing. And it’s something that I use on my path, my journey to wholeness. Connecting with our body can be difficult because we learn to disconnect to protect ourselves. It’s patterned behavior now and we run on autopilot.


Megan Shane

Healing and reconnection may feel gentler with the support of somebody else, whether it be a holistic therapist, a trauma-trained body and mind coach. There are so many healing providers and ways– there’s acupuncture, there’s massage. There are so many practices–sound healing–that can move us towards our best self.

I truly believe that all humans would benefit from a place to get vulnerable with themselves with the presence of a supportive relationship. It’s here that we can heal the places that need attention so that we can connect more fully to our deepest wisdom.

So take time today to ground and maybe just try your feet–see how it feels.
Take good care.

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