Motherhood & Depression

depressed woman sits near baby’s crib hugging knees.

Could you be suffering from peripartum depression? Having a baby is touted as the pinnacle of womanhood and the “happiest” time of every mother’s life, but the reality is that the pregnancy and postpartum period (collectively referred to as the peripartum period) can be far from exceptional. For some women, having a baby brings mental […]

Sensorimotor and Mindful Awareness – A Learning Opportunity

Asphalt road towards the rising sun

When things are going as they usually go (down a rote pathway of the brain that runs at a subconscious level on autopilot), we may have little to no awareness of what’s happening as we move through our days.  Here, we can get stuck in our patterns. Conversely, when we pause and place awareness in […]

Flexibility in Thinking

Mental Flexibility Is Shown On A Business Photo Using The

What a gift there is in flexibility of thinking! A barrier to this flexibility for me at times can be because of fear of the unknown. This can cause my  brain to want to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. As helpful as this preparation may seem, for me, it’s not. It […]