EMDR Intensive Program

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Perhaps you are needing help dealing with trauma – right now – and don’t want to wait and spend months in the traditional, weekly model, of therapy to feel better? Perhaps your schedule just doesn’t allow for the weekly interruption of time spent both in therapy, and on self-care following appointments? If so, our EMDR […]

Grief Therapy

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At its core, grief  is the series of  emotions we feel when we lose someone or something we love. Intense sadness, anger and frustration, disbelief, and yes, anxiety, are among the predominant feelings. Although conventionally focused on the emotional response to loss, it also has physical, cognitive, behavioral, social, and philosophical dimensions. Grief is a […]

Men’s Wilderness Coaching

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Wilderness life coaching is meant to challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone. You will learn various techniques in nature that will help you build trust in yourself, resiliency to tackle challenges, while learning to be competent and confident in areas that you likely have little to no knowledge in. You will have […]

Individual Therapy & Trauma Therapy

I believe with my whole being that we all struggle, and would all benefit from the support of a mental health professional throughout our life. I am passionate about providing a space of safety for you to work with intention to heal old wounds that are causing distress, dysregulation and disruption in your daily life… […]

Men’s Life Coaching

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Do You Wish You Had Another Man You Could Talk To About The Issues That Keep You Stuck? Are you a man who feels stuck in the same unhealthy patterns again and again? Has the pain of the past made it difficult to live in the present? Do you struggle to regulate your emotions and […]

EMDR Therapy

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What Is EMDR Therapy? When you experience trauma, the memory of your experience gets locked or “frozen” in your nervous system. This makes it feel like the event is happening long after it’s done. EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) therapy unlocks the parts of your nervous system that hold onto negative memories, helping you […]

Anxiety Treatment

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Anxiety disorders are often brought on by stress. Anxiety can cause feelings of trepidation, dissociation, and downright uncomfortable physical symptoms. Many people suffer from anxiety that is unrelated to any specific circumstance or object, but rather produces ongoing symptoms seemingly at random. This is called generalized anxiety disorder, or GAD, and it is the most […]

Couples Therapy & Coaching

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Types of Attachment Charles and I are dedicated to walking through the hard work of relationship with couples in a new way with our 2-on-2 Couples Therapy & Coaching approach. We will offer these services in both traditional and intensive formats depending on your needs. Together we will explore those stuck points in your relationships […]